Brewers Blackbird


We spotted this female Brewers Blackbird hanging around on rocks that were so similar to her coloring that at first we were not sure if the rocks were moving or it was a bird we saw. With a little rationale thought and commonsense (what little we have) we decided that the rocks were not moving and it must indeed be a bird and it was time to get a closer look. We were only able to get half as close as we wanted to capture a clean photo but we got one nonetheless, albeit a bit on the fuzzy side. It is remarkable how her coloring matched the surrounding on green.

Called by a Raven


We could hear this raven cawing, cackling and making a variety of gurgling sounds as we skied towards Black Sand Basin. When we finally met up with her she was perched in an old tree decorated with lichen and moss just as a slight snow flurry began to interrupt an otherwise monotone grey and overcast day. It’s always fun to follow the call of a Raven. Yellowstone, NP.