Common Grackle


Announcing their presence with those wonderful squeaky sounds the Grackles are back in town. Isn’t it amazing that when photographed, in just the right light, a bird that looks jet black to your eyes is actually a multi-colored work of art. And eyes as cute as buttons…or are they buttons?

Warm Welcome


A male house finch enjoying the ever earlier sunrise as spring marches onward. With rare exception early April seems to mark the time of year we begin to see and hear the finches in our neighborhood each year and as the sun rises earlier everyday they provide a warm welcome to those still crisp but beautiful spring mornings.

Eye to Eye


Seeing eye to eye with a Great Horned Owl in the Foothills outside of Denver CO. It is a joy to study the intricate feather colors and variations on these birds. That little horizontal stripe of black feathers in the light brown on this ones ears is truly amazing don’t you think?