Even though storm clouds were lingering over the Front Range Foothills the sun delivered a warm farewell. A beautiful bronze sunset to end the day was like a slice of pie to end a meal. Have a great weekend.

Ghosts on the Pond


As the evening light was moving in a large group of Eared Grebes seemed almost ghostlike, not quite shadows or fully silhouetted but visible with just the slightest details present. Present but not fully. Taken at twilight on a quiet pond in the Arapahoe National Wildlife Refuge.

Summer Sunset on the Pond


Yesterday I could feel it happening. The sunset is getting earlier, the algae is in full bloom and the nights have cooled down just a few degrees. Summer is still hanging on and we may even get a few sweltering days but I can feel fall just around the corner. Zeroimage pinhole camera and Kodak Film.