Deep Blue Sea


It is amazing how the color of the water can change from one day to another based upon the sky. From blue to green to a deep foreboding black. This day we were greeted with a blue cloudless sky reflecting on a deep blue sea which made for a great day of paddling between Qorneq and Kuummitt in East Greenland.

Peekin’ Pekin


A domestic Pekin duck peeking out from behind the shrubs on the local pond. Last year the pond was visited by a domestic mandarin this year it looks like a Pekin has made this place his home. Not sure if these domesticated ducks flew the coop or were abandoned but it is fun to see them join the mix of winter visitors which are just starting to arrive.

In a Cottonwood Tree


A juvenille Black Crowned Night Heron is taking a break from his fishing but still keeping an eye on the water below while perched in an old cottonwood tree along clear creek in Denver, CO. He sure looks good wrapped in those fall colors.



A little inspiration provided by a silent yet strong tree growing in the barren dry hills of western Colorado near the Utah border. When the going gets tough the tough keep growing.