More Winter Light


Winter light shining into the redwoods along the the Navarro river in Northern California. Somehow I seem to always find the beam of light that is focused upon a beautiful old stump or the stump finds me. Not really sure which way it works but I really enjoy the feeling of being in these forests.

White Faced Ibis


A white faced Ibis flying over the reeds looking for their nest. Last spring we came across a large nesting site of Ibis, perhaps 300 in total were hidden in the reeds below. Todays warm weather in Colorado with a predicted temperature of 70 F has me wishing for springtime and the return of birds, but I know better. So until late April, early May, browsing through last springs photos will have to suffice.

Iron Spring Creek


Iron Spring Creek near Black Sand Basin in Yellowstone National Park on a very, very, black and white day. So black and white that when you convert a photograph taken in color to BW you hardly notice a difference.

Today is the second birthday of nature has no boss so a special thanks goes out to everyone near and far that have come along on this ride with us. We are having as much fun as the day we started… so year three here we come.