Good Night Heron


Flying off into the sunset we say good night to a Black Crowned Night Heron. Not a bad way to end the day. Photographed with an older, forgotten and long gone, point and shoot camera on an evening walk in Ferndale CA. a few years back.



A willet enjoys the temporary ponds and the meals within created by spring rain along the front range while migrating to a more suitable habitat along further north.

Wood Thrush


For me the Wood Thrush is a bird I may often hear but seldom seem. Hanging out in those forests deep with green and hidden out of sight they have such a wonderful song. After listening to his song for several minutes this Wood Thrush flew out and landed on a post in a clearing for a minute or two before retuning back into the woods. Love the pudgy belly on this one.

Common Grackle


Announcing their presence with those wonderful squeaky sounds the Grackles are back in town. Isn’t it amazing that when photographed, in just the right light, a bird that looks jet black to your eyes is actually a multi-colored work of art. And eyes as cute as buttons…or are they buttons?