One after another


We spent Memorial Day weekend out looking for migratory birds in Northern Colorado. This May it has been unusually cold and snowy and Memorial day weekend was no exception as one after another we were hit by short storms dropping a little Graupel and then blowing quickly out. We must have experienced about 10-15 in one single day. It was clear summer will come a bit latter this year to the high plains in North Park, CO.



Or Landscape within a Landscape within a Landscape. How do you photograph the landscape within the landscape? Nature is a repeating fractal pattern ever present but for me a difficult subject to photograph. Not macro or micro photography but capturing what is small yet large and large yet small. This is one attempt.

Spring Tanager


A colorful Western Tanager holding still just long enough for a quick portrait. Lovely color to brighten up an overcast spring day. Just outside the North Gate to Yellowstone National park.