When you feel fall


When fall first comes you feel the sunlight change, the pond becomes just a bit quieter and the clouds look a specific way.

We each have developed a feeling of fall depending on where we live but when fall comes you can feel it with all you senses.

Looking at the Tetons on an early fall afternoon it felt just like fall to me.

Lichen,Rock and Spruce.


We were up high in the mountains a week or two ago and much to our surprise there were numerous butterflies going about their business even as the nights have been cold and the flowers have long died out for this season. Must be slim pickings this time of year for this wonderful comma butterfly foraging on Lichen, Rocks and Spruce.



Photographed near treeline in Rocky Mountain National Park.

In Vern’s Yard


Todays post is a tribute Christy’s father Vern who passed away last week at 87 years of age. Vern was a thoughtful and humble man with a deep respect for nature. Vern’s worked ceaselessly to make his yard a welcoming and comfortable place for the animals which inhabited the foothills outside of Denver, CO. These photos taken in his yard seem a fitting tribute to a great man who said much with few words.






An immature Bald Eagle waiting patiently for a meal to present itself along the Snake River in Teton National Park. It seems almost every time we kayak this stretch of the Snake River an eagle swoops down attempting to catch a fish. Having the camera ready is a different story.