Just a Glimpse


We only see Wood Ducks once or twice each winter and never in the same location. One late afternoon a few weeks ago on a whim we turned into a park that crosses Clear Creek where we have never walked before. Upon arriving at the creek the first Ducks we spotted were this pair of wood ducks. Unfortunately they spotted us as well and moved quickly out of camera range but not before we got a few shots of them enjoying the nice golden light of a winters sunset. After a few shots they flew off into the sunset leaving us with just a glimpse at these beautiful birds. Yet sometimes just a glimpse is good enough.

Clear Creek, Denver CO.



A place where all is one. Where the river meets the sea. I love that this whole landscape is temporal even the sand that forms the bank of the river melts into the sea and then reforms with each ripple of water, each wave and each tidal cycle.

Lucky Duck


This dive sure paid off.

After a few cold days there was only a small hole in the ice on one of the local ponds we visit to watch the wintering waterfowl. On this day the fishing was good and a Common Goldeneye hauled in a monster Crayfish and even got away with it before the gulls spotted him. Lucky Duck!