On a small stick


A male Downey Head Woodpecker looking for a meal on a dried stalk of dried queen Anne’s lace Usually we see these guys scurrying about in the much larger trees pecking away looking for a meal. This day we were surprised to hear the pleasant pecking of a downey head on this small plant. Surprises do come in small packages.

Winter Loon


This common loon swam right by us as we were kayaking in a lagoon just off the Pacific Ocean. While not quite as flashy in the winter as in breeding season, I found this loon to be a beautiful bird nonetheless.

Photographed along the Northern California Coast.

Hop on in.


A little Sand Piper gives me a wink and motions me to join in their morning yoga class on the beach. Although balancing on one leg proved not too difficult I fell flat on my face trying to hop away on one leg like these characters did when a rogue wave came up the beach just a little too far.