Swainsons Hawk

We spotted many Swainsons Hawks while driving a quiet yet bumpy backroad but this one stood out. Standing tall and alert as a chilly wind more reminiscent of winter than spring puffed up those beautiful white breast feathers.

May 27th, 2017.

Ibis Foraging

White faced Ibis foraging in shallow ponds at Bear River National Wildlife Refuge.

It was amazing to see so many Ibis working these ponds to find a days meal.

But as can be expected when food and family are involved a few squabbles are sure to occur. This one was settled quickly and all in all it was a peaceful day watching these brilliantly colored birds go about their business.

Outta Here


While near Lake John in Walden, CO we came across a Cinnamon Teal Bachelor trying to move in and displace the male of the pair from several groups that had already paired up. Each time the bachelor came close the males would bob their heads in display and when the bachelor got too close the paired-up males would chase the bachelor off. Sometimes the chase was mild but in this case the chase was full throttle as the paired male dove from the shore and chased the bachelor with all his might. The bachelor was persistent in his attempts but when we left he had yet to displace an already paired up male from his female.


This Merlin was sitting quietly on a post along the road near Walden Colorado. We stopped for a few quick photos and were quickly on our way leaving him to enjoy a chilly May afternoon.

Walden, CO.