For the next couple of weeks we will be performing yearly maintainence on ourselves and entering a state of digital detox so to speak.

In the meantime we have lined up a few of our favorite shots from Nature Has No Boss which we have posted previously. Hope you enjoy and these older photos and we will get answering comments and posting new material once we are back online.

The photo that started it all

And to start if off this is the first photo posted on the blog taken in Yellowstone National Park on a cold winter morning.

On a Sunless Summer Day

While camped at the meadows edge I look into a forest half dead.

The beetles’ have had their way.

The clouds got thicker and a late afternoon shower moved in from behind.

The rain came and the skies cleared but the pines in this forest will take longer to return if they do at all.

Ecosystems are dying or being destroyed around the around the globe.

From the polar regions to the tropical jungles to the coral reefs and the grasslands in-between.

We know this to be true.

Yes, there is untold beauty all around, but it’s becoming harder to see when looking into natures mirror on a sunless summer day.

Mt Zirkel Wilderness, CO.