Always Curious

We were surprised when a pair of River Otters popped up over a river bank to check us out early one morning. Curious and inquisitive they had a quick look and then slipped back down the bank and out of sight.

Later on the family went out for a stroll along the riverbank and all marched in a line…well except for junior who had to make his own way.

Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

Mighty Might

While drinking our morning coffee at our campsite we watched as this little Ermine pass by carrying a chipmunk as large as they were. Unfortunelty we had no camera in hand. A few minutes latter the Ermine scurried past us in the direction in which they just came from. Within a few minutes there returned again carrying a Chipmunk. Still no camera in hand. However when we saw the Ermine return again heading the same direction I grabbed my camera and was able to capture them caring their third successful catch back to their nest. It was a tough day to be a Chipmunk and a good day for the Ermine pups.