12 thoughts on “Across the way

  1. Graham

    Wish I could sign it but as a non-American, I shall have to just say that robbing the world of habitat for all of its many species of residents is a crime that should carry some form of punishment. Robbing people of a place to play seems to pale into insignificance when placed against this, but the two are often hand-in-hand and therefore vitally important. What are we to expect when nations are invariably run by the wealthy and the greedy? Oh for some altruism.

    1. Hi Graham, I mean this as a compliment and not a curse but I wish you were an American so you could sign the petition. Once again we are at a crossroads here in the US where the interests of the few (who already have plenty) are taking president over the interests of the many. It is an odd thing, and the oldest of human debates perhaps, but who does this earth belong to. The fight goes on.

      1. Graham

        I hope your post helps mobilise people to act. I worry about what the world will look like eventually for future generations…it shouldn’t need anyone to campaign for these things, it should be taken as a given that we be responsible custodians of our home…and not just for us.

        Maybe it is time to rid ourselves of those who would set our own species backwards in time and ethos instead of taking us forwards? Maybe maybe maybe.

        1. HI Graham, yes at this point in our evolution as humans we are in quite a predicament. I am a big fan of E.O. Wilson and if you have time you might like reading his book “The meaning of human existence” or Half Earth. He suggests we set aside half of the earth for the other species both discovered and undiscovered before it is too late.

          Both are quite interesting.

          1. Graham

            Interesting. I guess we could all fit into half the space as I think I once heard it said that in theory everyone on earth could stand together on the Isle of Wight (wonder if it would sink?). Questioning if we should rather than if we can on every decision would be a start…🙂…I will see if I can find the book at the library thanks.

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