Watching snow melt

Although we have had a nice bevy of spring snows this year the sun rapidly comes out afterwards and thus with each passing snow comes a quick melt down. On a recent walk we took the time to sit and watch the snow melting over a creek which by the way is better than watching paint dry or water boil especially given the fact that “a watched pot never boils”.

5 thoughts on “Watching snow melt

  1. All these winter pics are killing me! I know I said we’d get to Jackson Hole within the next 2 years but that doesn’t sound soon enough! The Yellowstone snow lodge you mentioned looks really awesome. Just have to find a way to get from Jackson Hole to there. Found some kind of shuttle just need to confirm if they make that trek.


    1. Hi and good luck on your trip planning. I bet if you talked with yellowstone park reservations services they could point you in the right direction. I know for a fact you can arrange rides from Jackson to Flagg ranch where the snow vehicles leave from that take you into the snow lodge from that end of the park.

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