First Leaves

Along the creek with buds just breaking out a trees first leaves of spring were not leaves at all.

It appeared that sap was flowing and attracting Comma Butterflies (Polygonia comma) of either the Eastern, Satyr or Hoary varieties to these willows just a few weeks ago. In addition to sap the leafless Pussy Willows further up the road were providing an early spring meal of pollen and nectar for the pollinators as well.

The namesake comma, or little c,is visible on both of these guys above.

… and the star of the show and a beautiful lift leaf on any plant.

And after a meal full of nectar a well balanced butterfly diet should include a little mineral as well. This Comma is engaging in a behavior known as puddling which I have observed over and over again but first read about on Piotr Naskrecki’s blog the Smaller Majority in an article entitles What Butterflies Like.

Anyway those first leaves of spring were not leaves at all.

10 thoughts on “First Leaves

    1. HI Eliza, it is wonderful how so many butterflies are showy on one side and so camouflaged on the other of their wings and both sides equally beautiful in aesthetics and design.

  1. Really enjoyed your magnificent spring scenes Mike, with the pollen and butterflies and budding pussy willow. Had never heard of puddling, and enjoyed Piotr Naskrecki’s post on it, gave me a fun chuckle too.

    1. Hi Jet and hope your week is going well. I have observed that puddling for years but never really thought much more than butterflies getting a drink. I was glad to have read Piotr Naskrecki’s post as it did shed light on that phenomenon.

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