Dynamic Duo


Pine Siskins, always buzzing about in the tree tops letting you know when they are there. Sometimes you you see them and sometimes you don’t. Either way it’s wonderful experience and a great way to start the day. This dynamic duo perched upon a tree top just long enough for a quick photograph. Given the sounds a big group can make in a quiet forest it never ceases to amaze me just how little these guys are.

What the Turkey said?

In a yard on a quiet side street Mule Deer were resting and wild Turkey hanging out. It all seemed quite bucolic. However one specific Turkey caught your eyes as we quietly drove up. She was staring up at the Christmas lights wrapped around the tree with what could only be described as a perplexed and annoyed look in her eyes. As we rolled down our car window to take this photo I swear I heard the Turkey say “Jeez….Christmas lights still up and it’s almost April”.

Have a great weekend.

White Winged Crossbills


A male White Winged Crossbill with meal close at hand.

Just a few weeks ago the forests we were visiting sang with the songs of White Winged Crossbills. Specialized beaks allow Crossbills to devour up to 3,000 pine seeds per day and the trails we skiied were littered with pieces of pine cone leftovers. Most of the time the birds were perched high up in the tree tops feeding, fortunately, every once in a while one came down into view.

What beautiful birds they are.


Female White Winged Crossbill.