On a recent trip to Yellowstone NP we watched this young mountain goat along with his mother feeding on some nice fresh greens not far from Mammoth Hot Springs. It is always fun to get to see these guys and this youngster just looked so sweet in his classic mountain goat pose on top of a rock.

The Herd

Steadily moving along as the sun rises beyond. A herd of Bison trimming the grasslands, maintaining the soil and keeping the ecosystem chugging along.

Yellowstone NP.

On a winter’s day.

This year winter has yet to really visit me or I to visit it.

Bad timing with the jet stream, el nino, global warming or just too much time at work?

Anyway, I just felt the need needed to post a bit of winter today before it has gone for good, well at least this year.

A wonderful winter’s afternoon in Yellowstone National Park, 2013.