Decembers Light

The mid-December sun, traveling low across southern sky casts long shadows on the icey blue face of a small pond and gently lights the landscape beyond. Decembers light is like no other and helps me keep track of the time like no wall calendar or wristwatch can.

Hungry Hawk


Looking like it just finished a meal this Red tailed Hawk was right back at it. Watching the fields intently for a mouse to stir and trying to make the most of the short days this time of year.

Mammoth Monochromes

A monochrome afternoon on monochrome late November day. The air had a bit of chill and the sky full of cloud yet not threatening in any way.

Peeking between trees for a wonderful views.


A few inches of snow still on the ground from a recent storm letting you know real winter is only a storm away.


Big views across terraces where the earth demonstrates it is indeed alive.


A beautiful afternoon despite the flatness of the sky.