Just me

 I stumbled upon this little moth taking a break on a yarrow plant while out in the garden on afternoon. This little moth was content  and stayed put even as I moved in to get a nice close look. As I pulled out the camera to take this photo it sure felt like this little moth was looking back at me saying “hey it’s just me… a little moth”.

If anyone out there has the skills to identify this little guy please chime in as “Little Moth” although descriptive could surely be expanded upon.

Have a great weekend.

Loggerhead Shrike

Sitting on a fence post looking for his next victim is a Loggerhead Shrike. “These birds sit on low, exposed perches and scan for rodents, lizards, birds, and insects. They eat smaller prey (such as ground beetles) right away, but they are famous for impaling larger items on thorns or barbed wire to be eaten later. The species often hovers. When flying it uses bursts of very rapid wingbeats.”


This time the victim was a large Grasshopper.

Which the Shrike Caught and them impailed on this barbed wire fence.

The Shrike let the Grasshopper be for a minute but quickly went to town on his meal.

Laramie, WY.