Snowy Muzzle

This good looking guy with a bit of a snowy muzzle was photographed earlier this year. I am sure the grasslands where he roams are greening up, and even though he looked quite happy this snowy day, I bet he is happier now that spring has arrived.

Sleepy Heads

I am not sure if all the grazers had full bellies and were spending the afternoon ruminating or they were saving all their energy to make it past the extended winter but last week was fill with sleepy heads. From the Elk to the Big Horn Sheep napping or just taking it easy seemed to be the order of the day.

Along Specimen Creek

A late winter ski up Specimen Creek in Yellowstone national Park.

This area was burned by the owl fire in 2007 and a ski up the creek leads you past the burnt zone. A stark yet beautiful area of burnt trees provided contrast on an overcast chilly morning.

Leaving the burnt zone behind there are open meadows and thick lodgepole pine forest which follow the creek slowly onward and upward to the mountains beyond.

A beautiful meadow with mountain views made a nice place to stop and soak it all in.

We were treated to the song of an American Dipper on the return to the car as the sun came out to cap off a wonderful spring day.

Yellowstone National Park.