One winter morning


We tend to see more foxes prowling the snowfields of winter than we see each summer. Perhaps it’s the fact our daily schedules are compressed into a similar time period with the days being so short. It’s definitely easier to be out and about at dusk and dawn when the sun does not rise much before 7:30am. and sets at 5:00pm. That’s one good thing abut winter.

Towards meadows edge


On a silent morning we stopped and spent some time in the heart of a meadow looking out towards the edge.  To the northwest, mountains rise as skies clear all the while  clouds and snow roll in right above.


With just a slight turn the mood quickly changes with a dusting of white to the north…


…and to the west a river meanders south and heavy clouds lie overhead…


…to the east the hills rolled as the skies above.

As the day progressed the skies cleared and sun shone bright yet what lingers inside is the views towards the meadows edge.