Mountain Monday


This winter the most numerous bird species hanging around our area is the Mountain Chickadee. They appear to make up the core of mixed flocks roaming the neighborhood and slightly outnumber the Red-Breasted Nuthatches and Black-Capped Chickadees. These guys have a wonderful feisty-spunky-gritty- character that makes them a real treat to have around on a winters day. As spring arrives they will move back up into the hills but for now we are thoroughly enjoying having the around.

Winter Friends


We have been lucky to have two and sometimes even three Brown Creepers hanging around the area this winter. They have been the first to arrive to the trees in the morning steadily working their way up and down the bark of the spruce and pines on their daily quest for sustenance. Tiny birds weighing on average seven grams and at most  fine inches in length they are well camouflaged yet their presence looms large and is a welcome sight in the quiet of the winter forest.