Passing time

I have always found it just a little more difficult to get excited about geology than the life sciences. Maybe it is how we have come to define life or maybe the story the earth has to tell is just a bit slower and more quiet than others being told these days. However, as we skied our way past stories like thee it was hard not to look and listen with full attention.

A Canyon carved by a mighty river replete with pinnacles and basaltic columns.

Basaltic columns sandwiched between layers of rock, earth and snow.

What looked like a mud encrusted cliff had a story hidden inside…

and yes life does test things out again and again.



It was a fifty-fifty day.

We skied in clouds that threatened but never brought snow. Drove through sunny skies when were expecting snow and just when we thought the we would miss out on the storms the clouds rolled in fast yet blue sky remained above.

A beautiful way to end the day with the sagebrush glowing and winds blowing in a fresh layer of snow.