Nothing to see here


A male Ringed Neck Pheasant struts his stuff on a sunny March afternoon. A nice large group sure did add color to the rapidly melting grain field on a late winter day.

For such big birds in open fields these guys always seem tough to photograph. Always moving and understandably a bit skittish.

Holding On.


When the wind blows hard it’s all about holding on.

March tends to be a windy month and this day was no exception. A female Red Winged Blackbird holding on to a somewhat smallish cattail as the March wind blows. Looking forward to those April showers.

A warming call

We could hear his gurgling call off in the distance as we approach on our XC skis. Perched high above on a dead tree covered in colorful lichen both his vocalizations as well as the colorful branch provided just the right amount of warmth to take the chill of a blustery winter ski.

Yellowstone, NP.