Pleasant Surprise


This white tailed deer was photographed on a recent trip to visit family in the midwest. Living in the mountain west for so long I can say for certain I don’t miss the humidity and all the bugs. It sure was fun was running across this deer happily feeding away and hardly giving us a second look as we hiked through the woods. I had forgotten how small white-tailed deer can be.

Outta Here


While near Lake John in Walden, CO we came across a Cinnamon Teal Bachelor trying to move in and displace the male of the pair from several groups that had already paired up. Each time the bachelor came close the males would bob their heads in display and when the bachelor got too close the paired-up males would chase the bachelor off. Sometimes the chase was mild but in this case the chase was full throttle as the paired male dove from the shore and chased the bachelor with all his might. The bachelor was persistent in his attempts but when we left he had yet to displace an already paired up male from his female.