Jumping for Joy


While floating down a stretch of the Snake River in WY we startled this Sandhill Crane who was hidden in the grass on the river bank. They squawked a Sandhill Crane squawk and did a big jump of alarm but given the river was moving us right along they soon had the bank to themselves again.

Warbling Vireo: Vireo gilvus


The Warbling Vireo is a beautiful singer more easily identified by song than by sight however every now and then one will make a brief appearance from up high in the tree-tops where they spend most of their time foraging for insects like small caterpillars.


Warbling Vireos frequently make themselves at home in Aspen tree where they are much easier to observe than in the tops of trees of the coniferous forests near us. This day we got a good look at a Vireo just hanging out in the aspens.


A beautiful singer and a song that rings out loud with the sound of summer through the forests in both east and west.



Thank goodness for fence poles.

A nice looking Wilson’s Snipe singing away on a fence post along a small county road in Southern Wyoming. Photographed while on the way to Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge.