The Kings

We have both the Eastern and Western Kingbirds residing in our region and although very different in appearance we typically see both species perched on fence posts or barbed wire foraging on insects spotted from their perches. Although we have encountered both on the same day we have not yet seen them in close proximity.

So West…Meet East

And East…. meet West.

Chipping Sparrow: Spizella passerina

It wouldn’t seem like summer without the sounds of the Chipping Sparrows echoing through the trees in our area. A beautiful little sparrow with their rufous crown. We see the Chipping Sparrow foraging on branches, jumping around on the ground and hopping about in the both pine and deciduous tress each summer.

More often than not a hike through the forest in July is accompanied by their song echoing through the woods. A song we thoroughly enjoy.

So here’s to the Chipping Sparrow a widespread, modest and wonderful summer companion.