Pleasant Pheasant

Hey, who’s that poking his head up out from behind a shrubby berm along the road. None other than our old friend the Pheasant. Just look at that all that color packed into a single bird.

We only got a quick look as he took off like a road runner across a snow covered road and into the brush on the other side but a look that will be remembered.

Clarks Nutcracker

A regular and constant companion on forest hikes is the Clarks’s Nutcracker. This day instead of foraging for pine nuts this nutcracker was busy feasting on crickets on a late fall afternoon. We watched as she swooped down from a tree landed in a field and quickly picked up a cricket. We were quite surprised as it had been quite cold and well below freezing yet there were insects to be found.

Clark’s are fascinating birds that each year bury tens of thousands of pine nuts. They remember the location of a large majority of the seeds which they consume during the winter. The seeds they forget then may become new trees and thus the Clarks it integral to the growth of new forests.