Police Car Moth



Thanks to the help of 1nmbirder for assistance in correctly identifying this moth. WordPress readers are the best. Always ready to help in identifying and teaching about all the things we run across outside.

At first I thought it was a Ranchman’s Tiger Moth but it does appear to be a Police Car Moth. We came across these guys while they were feeding on wild aster and sunflowers high up on the trail in Central Colorado.

Monday Moose


While near the end of a recent hike, just tromping along which that feeling that being almost back at the car brings, we ran across this male Moose quietly munching away on the remaining summer greens. We had spent the day trying to take close-ups of the remaining summer wildflowers flowers so the 105 mm macro lens was on the camera. Good thing this guy was so close.

Near Crested Butte, CO.

Stellar’s, Lichen and Light

Stellar's, Light and Lichen

While out on a morning walk we heard this Stellar’s Jay calling from within a dim forest filled with lichen covered trees. We followed the calling and when he briefly moved into a small patch of filtered morning light got a glimpse of a wonderful Jay who seemed right at home in his wonderful forest of lichen and light