In an alpine garden


Just above tree-line we encountered a wonderful alpine garden. Innumerable varieties of alpine wildflowers packed to the gills growing in rockiest of rocky soil most only inches tall.


It was had to traverse the path up the ridge without an ill feeling of stepping on these wonderful flowers. Alpine_gardens_0003

So we just settled down close to the ground and photographed a field of flowers that seemed a universe unto it’s own. Alpine_gardens_0004

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hope you can all enjoy a bit of time outside.

Lazuli Bunting


A Lazuli Bunting happily singing their unique and quite individual song.

“Just like we each have our own voice, each male Lazuli Bunting sings a unique combination of notes. Yearling males generally arrive on the breeding grounds without a song of their own. Shortly after arriving, they create their own song by rearranging syllables and combining song fragments of several males. The song they put together is theirs for life.”1



ants in the plants


Granted no one wants ants in the pants but ants in the plants is another thing all together.  One a fien summer day the ants were just as abundant as the wildflowers along the trail from the Rocky Mountain Penstemon pictured above to


the Townsends daisies and Larkspur…


and the Painted Brush.

It’s not so bad to to have ants in the plants.