Pleasant Pheasant

Hey, who’s that poking his head up out from behind a shrubby berm along the road. None other than our old friend the Pheasant. Just look at that all that color packed into a single bird.

We only got a quick look as he took off like a road runner across a snow covered road and into the brush on the other side but a look that will be remembered.

…yes, the earth breathes

Watching the earth breath in and out reminds me that this system is alive.

Alive in a way we might not fully understand as the pieces and connections are known yet the interactions a  complex.

We have the knowledge yet lack the understanding or so it seems.

How to make it understood is a question we seem to  struggle with.  Perhaps seeing and observing can help in some way soften the mind to consider complex ideas and then  understanding will follow. Time spent just looking is thus time well spent.

Fountain Paint Pots, Yellowstone National Park, 2018.