Probing and Pollinating


Bugs and flowers go hand and hand. This little black and yellow guy was probing for nectar while doing a little polinating at the same time. One of the things that is fun about macro photography is getting a glimpse into a world you really can not see with the naked eye and all too often we forget that just because we can not see something it does not matter.

Jumping for Joy


While floating down a stretch of the Snake River in WY we startled this Sandhill Crane who was hidden in the grass on the river bank. They squawked a Sandhill Crane squawk and did a big jump of alarm but given the river was moving us right along they soon had the bank to themselves again.



Coastal Wolf peeking out of the forest as we walked by on the beach. This was the proud father of at least six new cubs on a quiet Island off the coast of Vancouver Island, BC.

Glacier Lilly


Up high in the mountains where the snow is just melting the Glacier Lilies are starting to appear. The dark green background made for a fun conversion to BW as the sunlight gently illuminates the petals of this wonderful flower.