This girl just has it all a bit of sweetness mixed with that sassy hairdo. Hey guys what’s not to like here.

A female Hooded Merganser swimming in a small melted patch in an otherwise frozen pond near Clear Creek, Denver.

A bit of sunshine


An American Robin dressed in his winter coat brings a bit of sunshine to a very grey January day. We usually don’t have quite this level of grey here in Colorado like we had last weekend so I am grateful the sun has returned this week.

May your days be filled with sunshine and may Robins fill your trees.

Along the Platte


It seems like every winter we get a short but welcome visit from a pair of Bald Eagles on the stretch of Platte River we frequent on a regular basis. This year was no exception as this one showed up on a snowy January morning. According to reports their mate was spotted just up river.

South Platte River in Denver, CO.