One last look


This year Chippy was a constant companion around the yard. Darting back and forth and to and fro collecting morsels to munch on and them finding the perfect perch to munch them on. We don’t see much of this guy as the temperatures cool and the flakes begin to fly so one last look was in order.



Sitting, waiting and watching the earth doing it’s thing on a cloudy October day.


The mud volcano bubbles and the colors tell a story. Getting a first hand glimpse of the processes that make this planet help bring geology alive.


Looking into dragon mouth springs for the dragon to appear.


As the skies clear the clouds whizz by and earth and sky seemingly become one.

on a swivel

Quietly perched and giving us the 180 degree head turn like only an owl can give a Great Horned Owl waits in the early evening light for their day to begin.

Happy hunting to the owl and have a great weekend to all.

above the ridge


While the weather posed no threat the clouds just seemed to grow and grow as the day went on.


And although the landscape was brilliant the combination of earth and sky called out to be seen as one. The ridge-line and sky combined to become the one that they already are.


Above the ridge,

the ridge the clouds call home.