When the going is good…

… the good get going. Or in this case eating and that is exactly what they Yellow-headed Blackbird was doing this afternoon. Feasting on the fresh hatch of midges that seemingly coated the tall Phragmites. While Phragmites grasses make for a nice backdrop in photos most are non-native species which are invasive in wetlands all across the United States. Many non-native Phragmites outcompete native marsh vegetation and provides little or no food for most marsh-dependent wildlife.



Join me in welcoming a new baby Killdeer to this wonderful world of ours.

Hiding in the tall grass we spotted just a hint of movement as we went by and low and behold we found this guy along with his siblings zipping to and fro exploring their new surrounding. He posed for a quick portrait and them hustled back to the clan. All was good in the grass along the ditch.

White-crowned Sparrow

An immature White-crowned Sparrow soaking in some of the golden morning sunlight.

We love listening to adults sing their songs each spring and according to the All About Birds website:

A young male White-crowned Sparrow learns the basics of the song it will sing as an adult during the first two or three months of its life. It does not learn directly from its father, but rather from the generalized song environment of its natal neighborhood.bird