A favorite winter companion who always brings a smile to the morning is a Mountain Cottontail we have affectionately named Bunn. While Bunn is invariably more than one we have settled on calling them all Bunn. Hey, it just is fun to say. With a cup a coffee in hand we scout the windows each morning to say hello to our crepuscular friend.

Missouri Headwaters

Missouri Headwaters State Park, MT is where the three major tributaries of the Missouri river; the Gallatin, the Jefferson and the Madison come together and form the Missouri river proper. The Missouri Headwaters area is a geographical focal point and was important to early Native Americans trappers, traders and settlers. Coveting the regions bountiful resources, the Flathead, Bannock and Shoshoni Indians competed for control of this area, as did the trappers and settlers who followed.

Lewis and Clark passed by the Missouri headwaters on both ways of their voyage of discovery in 1805 and then again in 1806. In his journal documenting the expedition Meriwether Lewis wrote the country opens suddenly to extensive and beautiful plains and meadows that appear to be surrounded in every direction with distant and lofty mountains.

From the wet river bottom to the dry bluffs above each slightly different ecosystem was bursting with life the day we visited.

A fine way to spend a summers morning.