Mr Freeze


We saw this guy while out walking on cold foggy morning. He looks charming enough but a gut feeling told me to not get so close that he could wrap his frosty arms around you. I kept him at camera length and admired his beauty and thanked him for allowing us to take a photo.

Grand Teton National Park, WY.



On Saturday at mid-morning we spotted this Coopers hawk tidying up a bit on a broken old Cottonwood branch. He looked like he has had a bit of a rough time lately with his feathers looking downright scruffy. After a half hour or so of preening his feathers were back in fine order and he was off again hunting in nearby woods.

Mammoth Monochromes

A monochrome afternoon on monochrome late November day. The air had a bit of chill and the sky full of cloud yet not threatening in any way.

Peeking between trees for a wonderful views.


A few inches of snow still on the ground from a recent storm letting you know real winter is only a storm away.


Big views across terraces where the earth demonstrates it is indeed alive.


A beautiful afternoon despite the flatness of the sky.