Robins Return


There is no doubt spring is here when you are awoken at 5:00am by a chorus of Robins singing outside your bedroom window. It is a wonderful sound, unless of course you were planning to sleep in that day or by chance you get a Robin who can’t sing so sweet and decides your chimney is the place to be, as we did a few years ago.

Goodbye Goldeneyes


Seems like it is time again to bid the Goldeneyes farewell for the season. We all can sense spring is in the air and they have all abruptly left the local pond this week for their annual migration to the north. We may yet get a snow storm or two but the goldeneye migration is a natural calendar I can count on to tell me middle March is here.

Hi Boys


As the old saying goes…it takes two to tango. Last week it was the male Hooded Mergansers performing on the pond for a somewhat non receptive female.This week the female appears at least a wee bit interested in the growing selection of males as they swim around the pond head bobbing to get her attention.