Join me in welcoming a new baby Killdeer to this wonderful world of ours.

Hiding in the tall grass we spotted just a hint of movement as we went by and low and behold we found this guy along with his siblings zipping to and fro exploring their new surrounding. He posed for a quick portrait and them hustled back to the clan. All was good in the grass along the ditch.

Sage Thrasher

We watched and mostly listened as this male Sage Thrasher sang his long and complex song from the top a the sage brush on a quiet dirt road near Walden, CO.

According to All About Birds “males have long, complex, melodic songs, with remarkable variety. The rambling series of phrases, often preceded by soft clucking notes, is continuous and interspersed with moments of repetition and mimicry. Songs can be very long indeed; one male was recorded singing for 22 minutes straight.”

While this guys song was not a whopping 22 minutes it did go on and on leaving me out of breath just listening.