First Whiskers

It was late summer and it sure looks looks like somebody was starting to grow up.

Just like that bit of peach fuzz on a teenage kid this male Downey Headed Woodpecker is just beginning to sprout those distinctive red feathers that makes a boy a man.

Late August in Denver, CO

A Little Friend Returns

Late in the fall as the waterfowl return to our ponds and streams a few Green Winged teal make their winter home on a small Creek nearby. They are the smallest of the Teals and their return always brings a smile to our face and leads a bit of rhythm to the flow of life and the change of seasons.

Clear Creek in Denver, CO

American Kestrel

An American Kestrel sat quietly surveying the field on a late November day out in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge near Denver, CO.

We watched as the Kestrel quickly swooped down into the dried brown fall grass and pulled up small juicy meals which looked to be caterpillars easily held in their toe.

After a few successful hunts from this one fence post the Kestrel glanced back to see how we had liked the show and then flew off down the road to find another hunting spot.

Western Grebe


We usually do not see Grebes on the local pond during winter in our neck of the woods. However, last week, this Western Grebe was swimming in a small section of a local pond that remained unfrozen. Perhaps she if off course in migration and landed here to rest and refuel. Although it was a pleasure to see her, I hope she takes advantage of this weeks thaw to get back on track and is gone the next time I visit this pond.