Woodland Ground Beetle: Carabus sylvosus

Carabus Sylvosus a Woodland Ground Beetle looking back at me as I uncovered them while cleaning the yard last week. Given that these beetles are nocturnal foragers I am sure it were not too pleased with my removing their cover from the daylight while cleaning up some yard debris.

Beetles are always fascinating to observe from the purple on their shell, the anatomy of their from limbs and what looks like special antennae in front that act as additional legs in some way.

Ground Beetles comprise a family of beetles with over 40,000 species so next time you are out in the forest turn over a rock or mess about in the leaf litter and chances are you might find one looking back at you.

Pasque morning

This is the time of year for the magnificent Pasqueflowers to bloom and brighten the hillsides, forests and meadows near town.

These flowers are part of the genus Pulsitilla family which contains numerous species spread across the globe and are the state flower of South Dakota. We noticed two distinct species while on a recent walk with both growing along the sunny hillsides and one growing just about everywhere in both sun and shade.

Hope we can get back out before they are done blooming and wishing you all a Pasque morning.

Yellow Rumped

Yellow Rumped

A female yellow rumped warbler enjoying the beginnings of this years deciduous forest. Once these trees completely leaf out getting photos of birds in the forest is another story altogether but for now I will enjoy the view while it lasts.