Songs of spring


Ahhh…the return of the Yellow Headed Blackbirds and their wonderful squeaky-raucous chorus making a walk around the local wetlands a wonderful springtime ritual.

“With a golden head, a white patch on black wings, and a call that sounds like a rusty farm gate opening, the Yellow-headed Blackbird demands your attention.”

That description from the Cornell Lab of Orinthology pretty much sums up these wonderful birds. Every spring we sit, listen and love to photograph the males belting out their tunes. If you have never heard these guys sing it is a sound you will not soon forget.

Brewers Blackbird


It’s always nice to get a good look at a Brewers Blackbird either through the binoculars or the camera lens. They are anything but black and the button eye always brings a grin to my face. In fact all the black birds we have in our area are a joy to observe and anything but ordinary when you get a good peek at them. Go….blackbirds!

Hello sunshine


A male Ring-necked Pheasant looking into the warming ray of the morning sun. We have one of these guys (but not this one) hanging around the neighborhood and crowing away the last few mornings in hopes of attracting a few ladies. Both seeing and hearing him has been a nice way for us to start the day.

Hello sunshine.

Red Heads


It’s always nice to see love is in the air. A red Headed Duck pairs perusing the cattails on a nice spring morning. Perhaps looking for just the right nesting spot or just taking a morning stroll.



The looks says it all. This Jay had his back to me so I was trying to sneak up on him and focus on his very colorful tail feathers. Needless to say he was on to me.


For the next couple of weeks we will be posting some of our favorite posts from the past as we take a small respite from the digital world.