Dragon Friday


Late July and the Dragons do fly. Yes, summer is speeding along and when the birds go a bit silent this time of year the dragonflies take to the sky.


A handful of photos of some of the locals.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Keep healthy and stay safe.

Little Hunters


One sunny afternoon we noticed these little (less than an inch in length) Bluet Damselflies  hovering and sometimes landing on the tiny flowers of a goldenrod plant. After taking a closer look and a few photos we discover why. They were hunting even smaller flies that were pollinating the flowers. The hunting forays appeared to be quite successful as they nabbed numerous meals on this one little stem.

Little hunters with a big appetite.


A Marvel or Marvelous?


A male Red Veined Meadow-Hawk dragonfly perches on an old branch just above eye level. Perched facing right, he took a quick flight, then perched on the same branch facing left. He provided us a wonderful view of what has to be considered a marvel of engineering and biomechanical design from his amazing exoskeleton right down to the structure of his wings.

Truly a marvel as well as marvelous to observe. Beauty, form and function all wrapped up in one fine package.


A dragonflies flight

Relentlessly buzzing and zooming while patrolling his small pond a dragonflies flight is something to behold.

This patch of pond must have been a treasure worth holding onto as anyone who dare flew into his view was quickly escorted away with a swift deliberate attack. As he flew head on into the camera we got a quick a cursory glance then he was gone.



I am terrible at dragonfly identification so if anyone out there can help with giving this guy the proper respect he deserves with a common and scientific name it would be appreciated.

Anyway this guy was sitting in the afternoon light glowing a wonderful copper glow on a small spruce tree which if I can say so complimented his color well.