On the pond

A nice assortment of ducks graced the pond one recent afternoon. All just passing through and very temporary visitors staying just long enough to rest-up and grab a meal on their journey south. Lesser Scaups (both males and females) Red-headed ducks and Buffleheads were present and enjoying a nice afternoon of filtered winter sunlight.

Sue and Lou return

For the last few years a fine pair of Mallard Ducks have chosen to share a small local pond with us. We have named the pair Sue and Lou and they have become fine friends indeed. This day we found Lou sitting quietly waiting out a middle-May snow storm.

Sue enjoying the early evening light just a few days after the snow.

Welcome back and here’s to a fine summer.

Meet Lou


Meet Lou the sweetest, oh well, the only male duck on a small pond close to home. Lou is married to Sue who we deduce is sitting on a nest full of eggs at the moment. Lou is courteous and polite and protective of Sue in just the right way.


He always prefers to make sure Sue has finished eating before he takes his meals. Standing guard and keeping his eyes open for predators.

Lou_1212 copy

Lou is amenable to having his portrait taken and over the course of a month or two we have indeed taken a few. A fine looking guy with a personality that is hard to beat.


So, meet Lou, the best male duck on the whole pond.