A Ravens snack


Perched safely atop a post a Raven enjoys a little snack. Where their meal came from might just have been a recent wolf kill as Ravens and Wolves have formed a relationship in some places as this paper describes. In fact some Ravens have even learned to follow specific wolf groups as they hunt and may even have learned specific hunting calls of certain wolf packs. They know when the dinner bell is ringing so to speak. Anyway we saw this raven enjoying their little snack in an area in which we have heard wolf calls in the past so you just never know, their meal might have been provided by wolves this day.




Have a great weekend.

Inching Along


Bringing a warm welcome to the start of another wintery month a Caterpillar inches along. We are inching are way though winter, and enjoying every moment of it, yet just like this caterpillar will emerge as a wonderful butterfly (or perhaps a moth) spring will be here in the blink of an eye. So get out and enjoy that snow before it’s melted and gone away.


Happy Friday, welcome to February and have a wonderful weekend.

Marbled Godwit:Limosa fedoa


Marbled Godwits currently face pressure from habitat destruction in both their nesting grounds, the short grass prairies of the northern plains, and their wintering grounds, inter-tidal mudflats along the pacific coast. Prairies are being converted to crop land and mud flats being filled for development. It’s easy to forget birds sometimes need two intact ecosystems to thrive and protecting habitat is perhaps the single most important thing we can all do to protect the abundance and diversity of life on our planet. And who does not like both abundance and variety.