You guys…..


It was a cold snowy day just a week or two ago and it must have put the Junco’s in a foul mood that day as we watched numerous scuffles break out as they were scratching and foraging for a meal underneath an old spruce tree.

You guys….

Luckily the snow only lasted a couple of hours in the morning and just like magic the sun appears, the snow melted, and calmer heads prevailed.

Western Spring Beauties:Claytonia lanceolata


This week the fields near home are full of the Western Spring Beauties. A beautiful wildflower when viewed up close but it can appear unassuming from a distance.


Native to much of the western United States Western Spring Beauty is a short flower only growing 2-3 inches tall in our area and it begins to bloom right about the time the last patch snow has melted from the ground.


“As the name suggests, Western springbeauty blooms in the spring, barely waiting for the snow to melt. This perennial grows from a deeply buried, spherical, underground stem; when cooked, the stem tastes like a potato.” 1


A beautiful flower and one we always look forward to seeing each spring.


1. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.