American Three Toed Woodpecker: Picoides dorsalis

While out on a hike we followed the sound of a woodpecker pecking in the forest fully expecting to find a Downy Head or Hairy. When we finally spotted the source of the pecking we were thrilled to find an American Three Toed Wooedepcker: Picoides dorsalis working away looking for a meal. Why this species evolved to have only three toes instead of the typical four seems to be a matter for debate however the Cornell Lab of Ornithology suggest that three toes may help deliver stronger blows with the beak while foraging.

In the Wild

Oh the Squirrel. Our nemesis in the yard pillaging the bird feeders and outsmarting my attempts to keep them off. In the wild away from the city they are (serious hesitation)  cute and this guy munching a pine cone as the November sky says time to fatten up brought a smile to our face.


Finding food sure can be hard work. Which reminds us it’s time to put out the feeder for these guys as winter is heading our way.

We were watching this House Sparrow search intently through the gravel and forest debris and score with what appears to be a tasty little seed.

A bite well earned.