While crossing the stream bed


The summer sun has melted the snow up high reducing the flow in this streamed to no more than a trickle. Even so, this stream bed was a place where butterflies met perhaps to get a drink of water or maybe a taste of the minerals on the rocks lining the stream bed.


While crossing the steam we took a long break to watch the butterflies do their thing. From Fritillaries, to Admirals and Skippers the stream bed was the place to be that day for butterflies and humans alike.



A Marvel or Marvelous?


A male Red Veined Meadow-Hawk dragonfly perches on an old branch just above eye level. Perched facing right, he took a quick flight, then perched on the same branch facing left. He provided us a wonderful view of what has to be considered a marvel of engineering and biomechanical design from his amazing exoskeleton right down to the structure of his wings.

Truly a marvel as well as marvelous to observe. Beauty, form and function all wrapped up in one fine package.


On green grass


A Western White Butterfly taking a bit of a rest on the green green grasses growing in a field nearby. Spring has sure done it’s job this year as the grasses have grown up tall. It’s only a matter of time and the mid-summer heat before they will seed and turn towards brown. It all happened in what seems a blink of an eye this year and it sometimes feels hard to drink it all in.

On Butterfly Hill.


Butterfly hill is a place not so far away where an old mine seepage trickles water from the side of the hill, and perhaps minerals, which seems to attract butterflies from near and far.



We have seen many varieties of butterflies there and we present a smattering, or perhaps better said, a sampling, of a few of these beautiful insects.




A nice spot to just sit and watch things happen for both butterfly and humans.

Have a wonderful weekend.