Like air

This little dragonfly seemed as small and ethereal as the air in which they flew. I am not sure the exact species of Dragonfly but this one was one of the smallest I have seen this year. Perhaps a juvenile?

They were hovering about then occasionally landing on the fall grasses out in a field where we take a walk. This one had what looked to be eggs attached to their body. Do Dragonflies or Damselflies do that?

Barely as long as a few grains on the grass.

Aphids Beware

A few weeks ago one of the plants in our garden seemed to become infested with aphids of all sizes and shapes seemingly overnight. Also hidden within the plant and well camouflaged was a wonderful Aphid eating spider.

Once their prey was sighted the spider quickly moved in and made quick work of an medium sized green Aphid.

Given the number of Aphids present this guy will have quite a feast.

We also noticed numerous lady bugs and damselflies feasting away on the smaller aphids as well. Natural pest control at work.

Scars of summer

As summer comes to a close a Lorquins Admirals wings tell the tale of a summer passed.

It’s safe to say those scared and faed wings have served them well. Flying strong with colors bright to find a mate and produce a new generation of butterflies we can look upon with wonder when summer returns again.

Pink Edged Sulfur

It’s always nice to have a little company while out on a hike and this day it seemed we always had one of these beautiful Pink Edged Sulfur butterflies  fluttering about either in front or along side of  us as we made our way along the trail.

They seldom seemed to take a break from their flight. Luckily one did and that gave us a chance for a close up look before they lifted off fluttered way.

A job well done

The other day I saw a yellow flash land in a nice cedar tree. Thinking it was an unusual insect I quickly went over to get a look. Alas, it was not a new insect but a Honey Bee and to say this one was covered in pollen might be an understatement. This little bee could hard fly with the load they had acquired. After a few minutes of rest they slowly lifted off and headed back to the hive. A job well done.