Seeking Refuge

Finding a place to be safe and free from danger is getting harder as vital habitat decreases for animals with each passing day. Wildlife refuges provide animals the space they deserve. They can be large or small yet provide a vital service for all.

A Day Spent In Dinosaur

With Mud sliding down mud to make patterns you could imagine as ancient bones.

Pinyons and Junipers that speak of their age.

Slickrock ascending into the sky.

A day spent in Dinosaur National Monument with views both near and far. Hope to make it back there soon.

April Showers

Well it just had to happen. The Peach Tree just decided it was time to flower and along comes an April snow shower. Looks iffy for peaches again this year. However, given the lack of moisture we have had this spring five inches or so of an April shower is truly a welcomed event and perhaps will bring May flowers.