what’s lost

Reflecting on a summer that seemed to come and go and somehow felt like it did not exist. There were photos taken that prove it real but even these feel like a dream.

Walks were walked and thoroughly enjoyed yet a nagging voice walked the trail with us. Silent at times and other times loud. A whisper at time and other a shout…..What’s lost may never be found.

Yes, much can be lost in a very short time and now nowhere to run.

In an alpine garden


Just above tree-line we encountered a wonderful alpine garden. Innumerable varieties of alpine wildflowers packed to the gills growing in rockiest of rocky soil most only inches tall.


It was had to traverse the path up the ridge without an ill feeling of stepping on these wonderful flowers. Alpine_gardens_0003

So we just settled down close to the ground and photographed a field of flowers that seemed a universe unto it’s own. Alpine_gardens_0004

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hope you can all enjoy a bit of time outside.

Summer Days


While spending time ogling the wildflower patches in front of us we almost forgot to turn around and breathe in the pure cloudless sky and wonderful mountain ridge behind us.


An evening storm passes by bringing thunder but no rain on the mountain peak just across the way.


A classic summer cumulus just seemed to hang over this rock formation from early afternoon until evening.


The setting sun still shining out the mountains ever so close but still far away.

Summer days seem so few.

Like Music

Like_music_001A field of flowers like notes on a staff creating a not only a sight but filling the ears with a harmonious sound.


There are indeed times when the wildflowers sing. Like music, your favorite music.

Like_music_003 copy

A feast for the ears as well as the eyes.