That spot


You know that spot. The one you stop at and look at every time. Not the most spectacular or mind boggling landscape but the one that just makes you stop. I am sure we all have one or two or maybe three. They nourish and bring peace. They make the world have sense and meaning. You know that spot and it knows you.

Everywhere I go that spot seems to be in trouble. How can we help?

Listening to shadows


Listening to the light as it peeks into forests that were dark as night only weeks ago.


Hearing shadows say a new season is on the way.


Light and dark meet to melt creeks.



With brighter light comes brighter shadows.


Cold snow and warm shadows bring a treat to end the day.



It was a fifty-fifty day.

We skied in clouds that threatened but never brought snow. Drove through sunny skies when were expecting snow and just when we thought the we would miss out on the storms the clouds rolled in fast yet blue sky remained above.

A beautiful way to end the day with the sagebrush glowing and winds blowing in a fresh layer of snow.