My Stump!

As we moved into our campsite for the evening this chubby ground squirrel let it be known loud and clear this was his stump and not to be used for a place to put our camp stove.

And in case we weren’t listening ….this is My Stump!

Have a great weekend.

Glacier Lily: Erythronium grandiflorum

As quickly as the snow receded in early May the Glacier Lilies appeared to carpet the forest floor a beautiful yellow even before the grasses greened. Now only a month latter they have bloomed and done their thing. It’s hard to say how many photos we took of these wonderful flowers in just a few short weeks but they kept coming back to photograph them just a wee bit more more each and every day.

Here are a few chosen somewhat at random presented as a tribute to a wonderful wildflower.

All through May they kept us company on rainy days

And sunny days as well.


A little Pika peeking out from the last of winters snow surveying his domain.

The numbers of Pika are decreasing across the Western United States and climate change, habitat loss and other factors are likely involved. Hearing their chirps while hiking in the mountains is a sound I enjoy and I hope it does not just become a memory.