On a recent walk we were lucky enough to be able spend a fair amount of time observing and watching a very handsome Mule Deer Buck escorting his harem through the forest.

While we hung out and watched the whole group of deer pass through the male stood watch curious yet calm and quiet.

Before the group moved away and into the deeper reaches of the forest the male put his nose to the sky to make sure all were present and accounted for.

A nice surprise and the highlight of the stroll.

The first graders


These kids made it through kindergarten and are now on to first grade. Elk and mule deer that were only Fawns and calves just a short time ago are heading into winter as the first snows have hit the ground.


A young mule deer wondering what this white stuff is all about.


An elk calf ponders their next move just a short time ago when the plants still were rich with green.


Perhaps a few leaves from this wild rose will do.


Good luck kids and we hope you make it to second grade next spring.


Happy weekend to all.

Into the sunset


Two mule deer fawns head off into the sunset through fields of sunflowers and balsam root with grasses just tall enough to easily slip out of sight when need be. They were not alone this evening as Mom was just ahead leading and teaching these two little ones the ways of Mule Deer life as they quietly slipped off into the sunset.