On the same beach on which the Oystercatchers we feasting on Mussels there was a small group of Whimbrels hanging out, resting, and also foraging on the exposed bounty of the sea.

Like their large relatives the Curlew, Whimbrels nest on open tundra of Alaska and Canada. It seems that this must have been a group heading towards their breeding grounds and perhaps took a stopover on this beach to rest and fuel up.

Most of the group was resting on freshly exposed mussels beds a veritable Whimbrel bed and breakfast so to speak.

Beautiful birds we rarely get to observe so seeing this flock was quite a treat.

Little Bear Scarab Beetle

The Little Bear Beetle is in the genus Paracotalpa and ranges throughout the western united states principally in the drier regions of the great basin from Southern Washington south to Northern California and Nevada.

That Fuzzy body is what gave them the common name Little-Bear.

Little-Bear in a little bush on a early spring day.