American White Pelican


No matter how often and for how long, seeing American White Pelicans on alpine lakes in Colorado and Wyoming, in the Sandhills of Nebraska or just in the City of Denver always seems just a bit odd. One of those things you experience over and over and should register as normal but just isn’t. Anyway, this good looking Pelican is perched on Lake John on a cloudy and cold spring day near Walden, CO.

That spot


You know that spot. The one you stop at and look at every time. Not the most spectacular or mind boggling landscape but the one that just makes you stop. I am sure we all have one or two or maybe three. They nourish and bring peace. They make the world have sense and meaning. You know that spot and it knows you.

Everywhere I go that spot seems to be in trouble. How can we help?

What the Turkey said?

In a yard on a quiet side street Mule Deer were resting and wild Turkey hanging out. It all seemed quite bucolic. However one specific Turkey caught your eyes as we quietly drove up. She was staring up at the Christmas lights wrapped around the tree with what could only be described as a perplexed and annoyed look in her eyes. As we rolled down our car window to take this photo I swear I heard the Turkey say “Jeez….Christmas lights still up and it’s almost April”.

Have a great weekend.