Double Snake

Getting a glimpse of a snake, or a root, or anything remotely snake like, from along the edge of the trail always makes one do that quick double take. This time it was in fact a Common Garter snake nestled down in a small patch of snake grass (or horsetail if you prefer) that elicited the snake-double take. Although the Garter snake is one of the most common and widespread reptiles in our area and by no means are we snake-lovers it is always nice to see one slither away as we walk the trails. I wonder if their numbers have decreased with the decline of amphibians as this was reported to be their main food source or they have shifted dietary habits?

Toad On The Trail


You don’t know how excited I was to come face to face with this Toad. I have not encountered a Toad in years and almost missed this one as well. He was well camouflaged and right on the trail. So well camouflaged we almost stepped on him. Strathcona Provincial Park, Vancouver Island BC.