The Oriole that is. Bight orange and beautiful the Bullocks Oriole. Who can resist that goatee and the Zoroesque mask. We typically see hundreds of Oriole nest in the winter and early spring but only catch a rare glimpse of the maker. This year we were lucky and got several nice opportunities.



Sharp plant, sharp Beak, sharp looking Western Meadowlark.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.


For the next couple of weeks we will be posting some of our favorite posts from the past as we take a small respite from the digital world.



Usually Prairie Dogs are busy scurrying about from hole to hole feeding and digging. This guy seemed to just be carefree and chillin’ on his front porch on a late summer afternoon and enjoying the warm sun and expansive prairie view. He does look well fed and ready for the upcoming winter. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.

Hunkered Down

With Coyotes on the prowl in the Grasslands and Great Horned Owls in the Trees nearby this Rabbit hunkers down in a small depression to survey the scene before scurrying off to into the cover of the surrounding shrubs.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Denver.