In that ever uneasy moment of surrender a Red Squirrel forests to scold us for walking near her tree, the tree where the bird feeder hangs, while I forget to chase her away.

Perhaps our truce will continue into the spring ass who has time to quarrel when the sky is so blue.

Early Riser

We usually don’t see Chippie up this early in the spring. However with the snow rapidly receding and the temperatures somewhat above average Chippie, two in fact, have decided it was time to get busy and awake from a winter in their dens.

Last we we noticed two Chipmunks darting and foraging non-stop even though the grass is still very brown and many parts of the landscape are still covered in a blanket of snow. This guy found a few morsels under the bird feeder where a selective Red-Breasted Nuthatch had discarded a few seeds onto the ground.

Horned Lark 2021

Although snow is still piled high in the farm fields outside of town and night-time temperatures are well below freezing. Just like clockwork the Horned Larks have returned to grace the roadsides the second week of March. While most darted off into those snow filled fields as we gingerly drove the country roads this guy perched on a little snow mound and posed for a minute and two. It was nice to get a good long look at this guy and when the Horned larks return it is another sure sign spring is on its way.