Inching Along


Bringing a warm welcome to the start of another wintery month a Caterpillar inches along. We are inching are way though winter, and enjoying every moment of it, yet just like this caterpillar will emerge as a wonderful butterfly (or perhaps a moth) spring will be here in the blink of an eye. So get out and enjoy that snow before it’s melted and gone away.


Happy Friday, welcome to February and have a wonderful weekend.

Spring Sandy

Just before it began to green the Sandhill Cranes made their way through our region.

Somedays you can only hear them flying high out of sigh in a cloudless spring sky. Somedays they are out foraging in wide-open farm fields just outside of town. Yet on this day we found a single crane blending into last years cattails in a shallow marshy area. Despite the lack of green a sure sign that spring was on the way.