Rudy Duck

Happy Earth day.

Hope you all have a chance to get out and enjoy the wondrous beautiful planet we all live on.

And just as an experiment how about we make every day Earth day.

A male Ruddy Duck cruises the waters of Lake John near Walden Colorado showing off his wondrous blue bill.

April Morning

Whereas most of our spring has felt like Summer this spring day felt like Spring and even more it felt like April. April when the sky is blue, the sun is warm and the wind blows with the last of winters chill.

Where the tress lack leaves but you see them soon to come.

April when things change.

Photographed along Clear Creek in a spot that has called me back as the seasons change.

April Showers

Well it just had to happen. The Peach Tree just decided it was time to flower and along comes an April snow shower. Looks iffy for peaches again this year. However, given the lack of moisture we have had this spring five inches or so of an April shower is truly a welcomed event and perhaps will bring May flowers.

Look out below

The Forster’s Tern is a bird we often see fishing in marshes, ponds and lakes as spring returns. We see them hovering high above just out of good camera range and then they dive into the water at a velocity that is hard to capture. After each dive they quickly return to work high above the water and keep at it with a persistence that is truely admirable.

All I can say is look out below you fishes the pond because the Terns are back.