Morning breath.


On a recent spring day we were treated to a nice dose of morning breath but not the icky kind.

Basking in the warmth of the morning sunlight an American Bison passes by and glances our way. A beautiful morning yet chilly enough we could still see the Bisons breath as they slowly meandered by.

First Blues


With snow still covering the fields the Mountain Bluebirds have made their return. Yes, at this point there are only a few scattered along the county roads staking out the prime real estate and empty nesting boxes, but what a welcome sight they are.


The male a brilliant blue perched upon an old fence post was a welcome sight on this mid-March afternoon.

Almost But Not Quite

Almost But Not Quite

Almost but not quite. Red Winged Blackbirds are back in town but the shoulder badges on the males are not quite a vibrant red and the sky is still a bit grey and wintery this day. Almost, but not quite, spring is indeed in the air. I can hear this blackbird singing.