A male Yellow-rumped Warbler bringing home a mouthful to feed the family. It’s hard to believe that while this photo was only taken just a few weeks ago the Yellow-rumped Warblers have already left our forests for the season. August is always a strange month and now that most of the migratory birds have left just seems stranger.

El Rey

Meet “El Rey” the biggest baddest toad on the pond this summer. Happily surveying their domain from the comfort of a well placed rock along the waters edge. Easily a giant to the more numerous frogs that inhabit his kingdom yet a benevolent ruler by any standard.

While we usually see the king along the shady side of the water every once in a while a nice sunbath is in order.

After a sun bath a little dip in the pool is always a good way to cool down and moisturize the skin.

“El Rey” truly king of the pond and a good king at that.

The boys of summer

While it is certain some of the frogs who inhabit the local pond are female frogs just seem to say boys. Maybe it’s all Kermit’s fault but anyway here is just smattering of the photos of our amphibian friends we have collected so far this summer and who can resist one of these fine princes in disguise.

Our last frog count revealed at least a dozen, plus a few toads to boot, so stay tuned for more frog photos before summer gives way to fall.

A Small Bouquet

With summer chugging along at breakneck speed a small bouquet of wildflowers, picked via camera, from a recent mornings walk feels a fitting way to start another week.

oh, and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. They just don’t last that long.

Lupine, Wild Rose, Arrowleaf-Balsamroot and Sticky Geranium.

Good pickings

good picking A Black-capped Chickadee found this plant good pickings indeed. Plucking flowers and extracting bugs and seeds.

Sometimes right side-up and sometimes right side-down there was work to be done.

Wishing you good pickings and a wonderful weekend.