Artists Paintpots


In a place with unlimited color, texture and forms it’s hard to know what to focus the camera on.


One moment it’s concrete then the next it’s abstract.


Dipping the lens into an area called Artists paintpots and observing in wonder at the beauty of our natural world.


Monochromes From The Park


The long view from the Norris Hot Springs area looking out towards the Gallatin Mountain range.


Facing into the ever changing wind as steam heads our way at Biscuit Basin.


A Bison enjoying some open space around Black Sand basin.


Hot water pouring into the Firehole rive as steam clouds the lodgepole forest behind at Midway Geyser Basin.

Green Tailed Towhee

The Green Tailed Towhee spends most of its time in dense low thickets, where it forages on the ground. Like other towhees, it scratches in the leaf-litter with both feet as it searches for food. It is somewhat secretive and difficult to see so we were thrilled to get a quick glimpse at this bird when it quickly flew from a berry thicket and landed on this tree for a few seconds.

Living Color


Hot pools sparkle with color on a mostly cloudless autumn day. Blue pools ringed with living color in the form of thermophilic bacteria mix with a bluebird sky at Biscuit Basin.


At Norris the color palette is extensive and the views expansive.


Many species of Bacteria form the colorful mats found in many geyser basins.  Thriving in temperatures that range from a comfortable 30C all the way up to 80C and providing a visual confirmation that life is indeed varied and diverse.


Afternoon clouds rolled though and dotted the sky adding another layer of color to the wonderful landscape below.



Sitting, waiting and watching the earth doing it’s thing on a cloudy October day.


The mud volcano bubbles and the colors tell a story. Getting a first hand glimpse of the processes that make this planet help bring geology alive.


Looking into dragon mouth springs for the dragon to appear.


As the skies clear the clouds whizz by and earth and sky seemingly become one.