Color, ravens and light.

Soaking up color on a typical November day. Cloudy skies gave way to intermittent beams of sunlight filtering through the forest. Warm layers on when the breeze blew and of when the wind was calm.

A Raven called and flew overhead and in the distance they touched down.

Gray trees cast a shadow on white-white stone as the sunlight filtered through.

Color, a raven and light kept things warm on this November day.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

In the Wild

Oh the Squirrel. Our nemesis in the yard pillaging the bird feeders and outsmarting my attempts to keep them off. In the wild away from the city they are (serious hesitation)  cute and this guy munching a pine cone as the November sky says time to fatten up brought a smile to our face.



Peeking at each other through the long fall grass and sagebrush in Yellowstone NP. I always marvel at how an animals fur matches their environment and the subtle changes that occur from place to place within a single species. This Coyote seem to perfectly match the sage and grass in which they live.