Towards meadows edge


On a silent morning we stopped and spent some time in the heart of a meadow looking out towards the edge.  To the northwest, mountains rise as skies clear all the while  clouds and snow roll in right above.


With just a slight turn the mood quickly changes with a dusting of white to the north…


…and to the west a river meanders south and heavy clouds lie overhead…


…to the east the hills rolled as the skies above.

As the day progressed the skies cleared and sun shone bright yet what lingers inside is the views towards the meadows edge.

U-Turns Allowed

U-Turns Allowed

Just as we turned a corner while skiing on the Blacktail plateau we came across this guy having breakfast. We watched him for a minute but when he stomped his front hoof and gave us a grunt knew it was time for Quick U turn. We did not get to ski to our planned destination but it was a good day nonetheless.

Juniper Berries


It was an overcast morning and difficult to make out the details but it sure looked like there were a handful birds hanging out in a juniper bush as we speed along a quiet road. We decided to turn around and take a quick look and spotted a beautiful trio of Bohemian Waxwings. These three quickly flew off while we were watching but landed just across a small creek in a juniper loaded with berries and a large flock of Waxwings buzzing about in constant motion picking the berries for their morning meal.


It was a whirlwind of activity with birds coming and going, picking berries, and perhaps, just for a small moment, sitting still.


The beautiful colors of these birds were flashing brightly in the dull overcast light and made for quite a show.


The berries and the birds made for a fine start to the day.